Thursday, May 3, 2018


Hello sir, nice meeting you here once again. We are here to expose to you the hidden secrets of lasting long on bed without using pills and drugs.

First, I will like to let you know what I have made so many inquiries, and research about cumming fast and I can confidently tell you that am a sex therapist with many years experience. Let's go straight to the point.

Most men today cannot last long on bed due to MASTURBATION. If you care to know, masturbation is the killer of men in bed and the truth is that 80% of men engage in it without knowing the implications of it later in future such as

- Masturbation lowers sperm count, reduces your chance of conceiving.

- Frequent masturbation will take longer to satisfy you and for you to ejaculate. Space it out.

- If your hands are rough, your genitals will have scratches.

- Vigorous movements will cause swelling too.

- Social stigma on the act of masturbation can lower your morale

- Affect their responsibilities and relationships

And so many others.

The primary causes of quick ejaculation didn't end with masturbation, NOOOOO. The list is so many but these few are the primary causes

1. Stress

2. Excess sugar in the body

3. Food

4. Infection like staph etc

Due to condition, so many of us do not mind what we eat, and by so doing we eat things that will later affect us.

Looking at the environment one can see so many drugs labeled QUICK EJACULATION CURE but how many of them really work?

Many of my clients always complain about taking so many of these drugs and pills YET, no solution to their problem. Funny enough most of these so called cures in the market and online are very costly, imagine buying some products over 20,000 Naira and at end of the day one does not get the actual cure, rather they give you temporary cure and fill your body with chemicals which will later affect your body tomorrow, little wonder why many men are having kidney problems and heart failures because these chemicals in the supplements and pills are not removed from the body totally so they store there as toxins and begin to affect the vital organs in the body.

I am not here to say that some of those supplements do not work, NO, get my point right. But I can tell you that they only give momentary relieve and come back later. The producers knows this and they made it so because to them you should be their lifetime product buyer so they can be making millions. I guess you know that the issue of not lasting long in bed is a million dollars business for many companies.

If you doubt it, why is it that they keep asking you to buy more and introduce another supplement? The truth is that there are things you should use to get permanent cure to the problem which these companies use little quantity of it to give you that temporary relieve. If you check, most of them has aloe vera and other herbs in it. Have you wondered why they are listed there?

Well, it is because those are the things you should mix together with the right directive and when you drink it accordingly, you will get permanent cure to the problem

I have been helping people to get rid of this problem in the natural way. I do not sell any product for this because you do not need any product, pill or supplement but you need the right knowledge and that is what am about to give to you

I have a class on facebook where I teach men how they can get rid of this problem by themselves in their homes with things they can buy from the local market which all of us come across them daily, little do we know they are the solution to our problems which will not cost you more than 7,000 naira to get all of them. You only need the right knowledge and direction to use them and I give you 2 weeks to 1 month, no woman on this earth will regret having you in bed.


1. It removes toxins from your body

2. It normalizes your body sugar level

3. It cures quick erection

4. It restores your manpower and you will start having firm erection

5. It also burns tummy fats

6. It restores your energy to go more than 3 rounds if you want

The list goes on, and best of all "IT IS NATURAL" without any SIDE EFFECT unlike those chemical filled pills, and supplements that will give you temporary relieve


The truth is that am not suppose to charge anything below 10,000 to show you this life saving solution but I understand the condition of this country, I want to make it where everyone can be able to afford it and buy the things I will tell you to buy so that you can participate fully well and get result within few days. I will be doing a one week promo so you will only have to pay just 3,000. After the promo, I will go back to my normal charge of 7,000.


Make your payment into any of the following accounts and send us screenshot copy of your payment.

Ogbonna John E


Diamond bank


Ogbonna John E


Keystone bank


John Ogbonna E


UBA bank


John Ogbonna E


First Bank

After payment, send me a message on WhatsApp 08141527757 with your payment details like screenshot after which I will send you the facebook class link to join others there

REMEMBER: After one week, it will not be 3,000 again

So many men today have lost their women to other men who are good in bed and so many women including married women cheats on their men because they are not satisfied and trust me, konji or horniness or sexual urge is not something you can use prayer to overcome, it just need the right thing. Give a woman a mind blowing satisfaction on bed and she will reach orgasm, she will be the one to be asking for it. Also, some women today do not feel happy or always refuse moves by their men for sex because she knows the man will only put her in the mood and leave her to suffer it without quenching the fire they started.

Be the best man for her today and satisfy her to reduce cheating and infections. In the group also, I will teach you how to satisfy any woman in bed. Just like you release sperm, women too release and that is when they can be satisfied. Come and learn how to make your woman be begging for your time with her in bed


No need to flood here with testimonies because they are many. Get in and get the cure you deserve and live healthier after


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